Legionella Monitoring

for your buildings

For over two decades, Radio-Tech has pioneered the development of innovative RF based solutions that have helped many leading service providers to increase their efficiencies as well as their visibility and management of remote assets and/or sites. Working within this proven business model, we developed and patented 'Aquaflush' an automatic flushing and temperature monitoring device, which is the core component of our market-leading 'Aquavision' system, designed to assist Water Treatment, Facilities Management and Property Management Companies to comply with current legislation and health and safety law.

How it works

There are three hardware elements to the system which when combined  provide a fully integrated way to remotely monitor water storage and delivery temperatures on individual or multiple sites. The system also performs automatic flushing and temperature testing of sentinel outlets in accordance with Table 1 ACoP L8.

Routine temperatures and weekly sentinel test results are collected locally via radio and then are re-transmitted via GPRS, Wi-Fi or Ethernet LAN to a web-based portal for the management company to review. Should a temperature be reported that is outside of the ACoP L8 guidelines, an alarm will be sent via email to a list of designated addresses so that remedial action can be taken swiftly and a potential outbreak of legionella avoided.

Using innovation to overcome challenges

In addition to the benefits of near-real-time monitoring that Aquavision provides allowing for un-paralleled levels of service and response, once installed it also helps to overcome many of the day-to-day challenges that Service Providers are faced with when using traditional management methods:

Challenges associated with traditional monitoring:

  • Rising fuel costs
  • Fleet Vehicle costs
  • Access problems
  • Human Error
  • Difficult to interrogate log-books
  • Limited data available to understand and diagnose problems


Increased Value

As we believe in providing our customers with the highest levels of value and interoperability wherever possible,  once deployed our Aquavision system will also allow for the integration of energy management data from water, gas or electricity meters, as well as environmental data such as temperature and humidity.

This extended value enables companies to take a pro-active stance against rising energy costs, which will also help to reduce their emissions and carbon footprint, in-line with many Corporate and Social Responsibility directives.

Key Benefits:

  • Maintenance free
  • Wireless Solution / no cables
  • Easily retro-fitted onto existing infrastructures
  • Web based monitoring of multiple sites
  • Reduced manpower and travel costs
  • No investment in back office software required
  • Automatically filled electronic log books
  • Weekly flushing, to limit growth of Legionella
  • Elimination of human error
  • Transparent and structured basis for HSE audits
  • Carbon friendly alternative to traditional methods
  • Peace of mind

For more information on the system please click the links below:

Tempsense - Wireless temperature transmitter that can be used in most environments to measure a given temperature
Aquaflush - Automatic control device to perform routine flushing and temperature monitoring
RT:Wi5 - Central data collection device, can single handily manage hundreds of transmitters
Gnet24 - Gnet24 is the web-based user interface and reporting software for Radio-Tech's Aquavision system
Boost Up - Radio-Tech's boost up is an intelligent repeater station used to re-transmit messages received from both aquaflush and tempsense