SaaS Solutions for Optimum Flexibility

Everybody is talking about the cloud but there is still a lot of uncertainty about its implications for industry.

Cloud has actually been used by people for years in the form of gmail and hotmail but it is now squarely in the consciousness of businesses making decisions about outsourcing infrastructure and simplifying operations.On the positive side cloud allows total flexibility, fire and forget simplicity and opportunities for cost savings. On the downside, ensuring the security of applications and data is a little more complex for cloud than for internally hosted applications.

The good news is that the IT industry is very good at defining security standards and all reputable cloud suppliers should be able to detail exactly to which security standards they operate. Well developed standards from the Cloud Security Alliance, EN/ISO and NIST variants are freely available to view and understand the safety of your processes and data.

Screenguard provide a number of cloud solutions for energy monitoring and control and legionella monitoring. These solutions eliminate the workload and problems associated with Windows servers, data backups, system crashes and hardware failures, so you can concentrate on just using the system to your benefit. The systems also allow you total flexibility to scale up or down as your requirements change.

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