Frequently asked questions

Q. How Secure are Cloud Systems?

Cloud has actually been used by people for years in the form of gmail and hotmail but it is now squarely in the consciousness of businesses making decisions about outsourcing infrastructure and simplifying operations. On the positive side cloud allows total flexibility, fire and forget simplicity and opportunities for cost savings. On the downside, ensuring the security of applications and data is a little more complex for cloud than for internally hosted applications.

The good news is that the IT industry is really good at defining security standards and all reputable cloud suppliers should be able to detail exactly to which security standards they operate. Well developed standards from the Cloud Security Alliance, EN/ISO and NIST variants are freely available to view and understand the safety of your processes and data.

Q. What is the ROI of the Senselogix Energy Management System?

Energy monitoring is a cost. The only way to generate an ROI is by turning devices off, lower heating temperatures or eliminating leaks from other utilities. The Senselogix system is unique in having an integrated, individually programmeable control system that allows you to target and control individual circuits across the enterprise. So, once you have established your baseline consumption, you can begin to optimise your controls on areas and circuits and reduce your usage to drive real savings

Q. How does the CUES Chiller Unit Energy Saver work?

The CUES unit is designed to install onto the thermostat of the chiller and refrigeration units to make the thermostat mimic the temperature of the foodstuffs inside the unit more realistically. Opening a door often causes a refrigeration cycle to start when it is not needed as the temperature of the foodstuffs has not, in fact, altered. Installing the CUES can save up to 33% on your refrigeration costs annually, so the payback is very quick for all customers

Q. Is it easy to change from my existing energy software supplier?

Changing to the Screenguard Senselogix platform is very easy if you already have metering infrastructure in place. Screenguard can repoint your existing meters to transmit their information to the our cloud servers and we can import your old data into our system as well so you have no loss of data. It's as easy as point and click!

Q. Is it easy to retrofit smart meters for sub-distribution boards?

Many meters already fit the 96mm x 96mm hole form factor and it is very simple to swap in a smart meter for an older meter unit. Screenguard also use split CT units so you do not have to disconnect incomers or switch off machinery for any new circuits and can connect in existing 5A and mA connectors. Screenguard's electricians are fully qualified to install any new meters and CTs you require for your project!

Q. How does legionella monitoring work?

Companies will have completed risk assessments that already identify the risk areas in your piping network that need attention. Screenguard install temperature probes in those risk areas allow you to monitor all zones on a continuous basis. We couple these sensors with an automatic flushing unit that can be programmed to flush in the event of a temperature breach or on a timed basis so your response can be automated. This ensures compliance and reduces manpower requirements for the programme!